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TBC is proud of a successful install of Consoles for a Network Operation Center recently completed at Schriever AFB. The 3d Space Experimentation Squadron (3 SES) is the Air Force’s premier organization for conducting space-based demonstrations and experimentation. Utilizing innovative and scientific methodologies, the 3 SES is accelerating the transition of research and development concepts into operational space capabilities. 


Consolidated Sports Control Room Revamp 

TBC Consoles has completed our larged consolidated Master Control Room to date with Rogers Sportsnet of Toronto, Ontario.  Featuring state-of-the art IntelliTrac and TracWall products, the control room was revamped to replace custom wood consoles with new modular and adaptable TBC products.  

The project consolidated several buildings into one central master control area and featuring open concept master control using Virtual Master control server technology.  The custom broadcast furniture specified includes 5 semi circles of furniture flanked by double-tier TracWall.  TBC is honored to have been a part of such a substantial project 

Rogers Control Room

ONYX logo

Radio Control Room, Seattle

Onyx is a design build firm which is an industry leader in allowing companies to leverage AudioVisual technology.  TBC is partnering with ONYX on a substantial project for Queen Anne Hill Broadcasting Towers in Seattle, WA. We will provide a master radio control room and a number of radio studios utilizing SmartTrac technology, yellowtec products, and a number of custom features to fit the space.    


Custom Technical Furniture for Helix Energy Solutions

TBC provided custom technical furniture for Helix Energy Solutions' Canyon Offshore unit, a leading supplier of subsea engineering services, operating Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), seabed trenching and geotechnical vehicles, and support vessels.  

Incorporating all the relevant equipment and providing consoles that would be well suited for a moving vessel was a rewarding challenge for us.  Recent feedback reported that the employees are extremely happy with the IntelliTrac Consoles provided.  

Drone Control Console


Consoles for Century City and World Trade Center Mall Event Control Room

Through collaboration with Worldstage Inc., TBC Consoles has provided technical furniture to address the control room needs of an innovative new shopping mall in Los Angeles, California.  This is following a similar installion in New York City last year.  The ControlTrac and TracWall technical furniture serve as part of the control room for live event production within the mall.

Westfield Corp. completed the project in NYC in 2016 and recently completed the $1 Billion project remodel of its Westfield Century City retail center with a gala event and appearances by Los Angeles Mayor, as well as a number of concert performances to date.

Special Event - Mall Console

PBS logo

PBS network moves toward large screen displays in their facilities

Keeping up with the industry trend toward large screen displays, consoles and monitor walls are increasingly being outfit with large screen displays and multiviewers rather than individuals. 

Utilizing TBC's TracWall system, along with our versatile SmartTrac Consoles, these large displays at PBS are mounted on monitor frames and articulating arms.  Each display has the capability of monitoring 14 broadcast feeds at a time.  Similar to a multiviewer, the use of TBC's technical furniture in any broadcast facility provides the best "mousetrap" for displaying your content on these big displays while keeping ergonomics and space constraints in mind.  


Discovery Communications Latin America Upgrades New NOC

Working with Communications Engineering Inc (CEI), TBC is proud to be a part of the re-design of the Discovery Communication's LatAM ops Network Operation Center in Virginia, featured in September's TV Technology magazine.  The NOC utilizes a number of IntelliTrac consoles with blue plexiglas  countertops, low profile turrets, and gas-assist monitor arms to elevate monitors off the countertop.  The result is a functional, high tech, efficient work space.  

Mission Critical Consoles - TBC 

Custom Technical Furniture for Alaska Aerospace Corp.

TBC is proud to have successfully installed 27 consoles and 5 custom tables plus accessories to the Pacitic Spaceport Complex on Kodiak Islad, Alaska.   

Utilizing our SmartTrac product with large CPU cabinets, we were able to outfit the control room with the ideal solution.  Please view a video about the site on vimeo to learn more by clicking here.  

Consoles Rear View


Oculus Innovations
 and TBC are designing and manufacturing technical furniture for the main control room at the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).  Working with our Strategic Partner through Africa, we have been given the opportunity to create consoles inspired by our “future concept” animation.  The consoles feature a designer white top, charcoal polyurethane edge, and custom CPU cabinets with plexiglass doors.

Gov't of Dubai Video Edit and Graphics Desk, UAE 
Editor workstations customized for the Government of Dubai Media Office feature six editor workstations with privacy partitions, 2RU rack openings, and a freestanding VTR cart.     

Video Editing and Graphics Desks

Well Living Control Room Features TBC

The Mayo Clinic in conjunction with Delos has created a lab designed to improve indoor spaces. Well Living Lab is outfitted with sensors in the floors and walls that are completely adaptable to mimic office environments or living spaces to study people in familiar surroundings. The Lab will use a variety of sensing equipment that can measure participants focus, stress, and blood pressure levels.  

Technical furniture are all TBC height adjustable SmartTrac Consoles and TracWall monitor stands, allowing for the technicians to comfortably monitor all activity from a state of the art 24/7 control room.  

Church of Scientology


Motiongate Dubai Theme Park

TBC is very excited to be working with ITEC Entertainment on the new Motiongate theme park in Dubai. We will be providing broadcast consoles for several “villages” in the park.

ITEC Entertainment’s mission is to deliver unparalleled, comprehensive development services through the creation of superior themed entertainment attractions throughout the world. They are dedicated to a work ethic guided by the highest of standards and propelled by a vision to craft the most unique and successful guest experiences anywhere. We are delighted that they have chosen to work with TBC Consoles. 

Muslim TV logo

MTA Satellite Service for North America chooses TBC

TBC recently designed and installed a TracWall and Console system designed specifically for the transmission room at MTA Satellite Service, which broadcasts the Muslim TV channels throughout the United States.  The facility, located in Silver Spring, MD, required a specialized TracWall outfitted with curved monitors, as well as SmartTrac Consoles that incorporated drop wells for the monitors to ensure proper ergonomics and site lines.  File cabinets were provided instead of traditional SmartTrac legs which allows for ample storage space.    

Muslim TV is a subscription-based platform for anyone wishing to discover the Muslim culture, develop their knowledge of Islam and understand the various aspects of the religion.  More at https://www.muslim-tv.net/

Muslim TV network

Control Room Furniture for NASA White Sands Test Facility Laboratory

Since 2004, TBC has been working to offer state of the art technical furniture to all NASA facilities. Recent renovation to the White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) control rooms allowed for new ControlTrac LT consoles to be placed in their Remote Hypervelocity Test Laboratory (RHTL).  

Specified with a monitor stand for dual large screen monitors and a purtech edge, these specialty consoles are built to exact specification requested for this specialty testing area. The RHTL is an access-controlled area capable of simulating Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris on spacecraft materials and components. The remote location of the WSTF allows for implementing test programs that project toxic or explosive materials in a controlled environment. 

Learn more about the facility by clicking this link. 

WSTF Control Room

  TBC Consoles - Offices – Edgewood, NY

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Creating Space for New Technology, TBC Consoles finds the optimal interface between people and technology. We are world-class technical furniture designers, manufacturers, and installers. We adapt our control room and workstation solutions to meet the needs of the latest technology. 

Our focus is building consoles, from single operator desks to sophisticated control rooms; we provide the products and the expertise to create ergonomically correct and organized workspaces that lead to greater efficiency, productivity and personal performance.

Founded in 1988, TBC began with a specialty in broadcast and video production consoles including command centers, network operation centers and process control rooms.  We continue that commitment today with expertise in all types of control room technical furniture including broadcast consoles, process control facilities, utilities, public safety, government, transportation, dispatch, IT, and more.  We also supply a wide variety of monitor arms and a number of other accessories specialized by our engineers and designers.

TBC has a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. Our staff includes highly experienced designers, engineers, project managers, CNC operators, craftsman, laminators, and metal workers all geared toward producing The Best Consoles and quality technical furniture to meet our customer’s needs.  Our company headquarters in Long Island, New York includes over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

We deliver and install technical furniture on a local, national, and international scale with a number of strategic partnerships overseas.

We can incorporate the latest technology into any intensive control room environment.

TBC conducts business with many high profile customers. A listing of some of our recent projects are on our What’s New and News Archive pages.

We particularly pride ourselves for our representation in sports facilities. Below is a partial listing where you can find TBC¹s production control rooms and scoreboard control rooms. Our professionalism, custom control room solutions, adaptability of our technical furniture to accommodate new technology, and dedication to our clients are one reason customers have consistently called TBC "The Best Consoles" they have ever purchased.

Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Carolina-Hurricanes Carolina-Panthers Chester Soccer Stadium Chicago-White-Sox
Cleveland browns
Cincinnatti Reds Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Detroit Tigers
Diamondbacks Training Facility East Carolina University Pirates Fenway Park Florida Marlins

Georgia Bulldogs (U.O.G.)

Golden State Warriors
Houston Astros Minute Maid Park Houston Rockets Indiana Pacers Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Wizards
Louisville Arena Meadowlands Race Track Milwaukee Brewers Miller Park Minnesota Twins Nascar New Jersey Devils
New Meadowlands Arena New York Giants New York Jets New York Mets New York Nets New York Yankees
Oakland A's Orlando-Magic Phillies Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburg Steelers

PNC Field

Rose Bowl UCLA San Fransisco Giants Seattle Mariners Southern Methodist
University Mustangs
St Louis Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers
University of Michigan
Tennessee Titans Baptist
Sports Park
Texas-Rangers University Of Michigan University Of North Texas Vancouver Canucks Washington Redskins

Logos and trade names are property of their respective owners.

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Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Operating Officer
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Chief Financial Officer
Steve Struhs Steve Struhs
Senior Account Manager
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Dennis Browner Dennis Browner
Senior Account Manager
Andrew Dressner

Andrew Dressner
Designer / Project Manager

Nick Napolitano Nick Napolitano
Designer / Project Manager
Pete Pedisich Pete Pedisich
Production Support Manager
Daniel Giebel Daniel Giebel
Senior Engineer
Ray Matter
Mechanical Engineer
Cheryl Johnson Cheryl Johnson
Designer / Account Manager
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Project Coordinator
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Logistics Manager
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Administrative Assistant
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Detailing Engineer
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3D Graphic Designer
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Supply Chain Coordinator
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Shop Foreman

Mitchell Kress, FAFS, Editor, ABC News
I want to take a moment to say thank you to the team for the professional service provided to me as I walked through the process of buying my desk. I could have bought another desk as there are many out there on the market. What drove me to finally decide on this desk, from TBC Consoles, was the relationship. I never felt pushed into buying it the desk. Throughout the process I was educated and informed. I actually paid a visit to the Long Island home of TBC Consoles and I was so impressed by the entire manufacturing site. They took the utmost care with my product through the installation process. I'm sure that I have many more words that I can place here to describe what was and has been an awesome experience. I'll spare you those and just say that I highly recommend TBC Consoles. It will be a purchase that you will thank yourself for years to come.

Jim Marciano, Eng. System Sales, Video Corporation of America
The client is extremely pleased with your follow through from sales to delivery to installation. We greatly appreciate working with a company like TBC Consoles.

Juan Carlos Alcazar, Sales Director, Grupo Covix
TBC Consoles is a great partner to work with. The pre-sales support we got for our project in Mexico was outstanding, it helped us close our deal. We have a very happy end user!

Felix Pena, Director of Mechanical Engineering, CEI
As a system integrator we really appreciate and value TBC's easy to use templates for space planning and console layouts. TBC's modular and reconfigurable console architecture offers our clients a path for changes and growth.

Munir Ahmad, Director Americas, MTA International
The project turned out to be immaculately good. Thank you to all, it was nice working with you on our first project with TBC Consoles.

Louise Hogarth, Founder, Dream Out Loud Productions
Great service, innovative products, good prices - exceeded all my expectations. My rave review of TBC has been heavily influenced by my salesman who was top notch.

Tim Delaney, Station Engineer, Scottsdale City Cable 11
Unlike many of their competitors, TBC's ability to work within a very small and strangely configured floorplan made our choice simple. They promptly responded to our initial calls, made several revisions and suggestions to make the room more efficient, and the quality of the product is fantastic. The consoles arrived in great shape, the directions were easy to understand, and it fit together perfectly. The products fit perfectly in the new room and looks really good. This sale went off just as planned. Happy buyer.

Thomas Kotlarz, Electric Systems Dept, City of Concord
I had a wonderful experience with TBC, from the design process to the finished product everything was better than expected. The install was easy and the products are built solid. Very satisfied, everyone who tours our facility is taken away by our TBC consoles, we couldn't be happier.

Andrea Cummis, Project Manager, AC Video Solutions
Steve Struhs did a great job working with us to figure out the best solution for our new broadcast center. Everything looks amazing and the installers were terrific.

Prasad Khare, Senior Project Manager, Mustafa Sultan Security - Sultanate of Oman
We wish to place on record our honest appreciation, for the excellent support, co-operation and pro-active approach provided on large projects by the entire TBC team. We look forward to continuing our success with partners like TBC

Gary Backman, President, Imagine Integrations
It is always a pleasure working with TBC, your crew was absolutely awesome, your product is the best in the industry. You deliver on time every time, thank you and your staff. We just completed a project with Alpha Video and entire project went seamless from order to installation. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Dale E. Smiley, CPBE, WTHR-TV, WALV-TV SkyTrak
We are very pleased with the Console and I will recommend TBC when we redo our Production Control Room. Our 'PCR' has custom built wood consoles that have been modified several times on the change from full analog to full digital! The HD Production Switcher is 10 years old so we will be redoing in the next few years. I think TBC could make just what we need when that time comes.

Barry Steinburg, Principal, Xilica Audio Design
If you have any first time clients worried about shipping damage just give them my number (I am serious) and I will tell them from a customers perspective and they won't have to worry. The box and protection design is the best I have seen. Thanks everyone. Quality product. Quality staff. Quality shipping systems.

Nick Olson, Technical Director | Brandywine Community Church
Your product is amazing; packaged well, incredibly easy to assemble, and it looks and performs great!

Richard M., Lead Procurement /Subcontract Specialist | Bombardier Transport
I want to thank everyone at TBC that was involved in processing our rush order. This certainly will help us to meet our commitment. You folks really came through for us when we needed you!

Jeff Somerstein, Accord Productions
The console we received is AWESOME! The instructions for install were great and we will certainly be contacting you again in the future. Thanks again to Steve and the TBC team, you guys have a great product.

Joe Adams, Manager of Studio Ops, AOL Studios
I find myself interacting with dozens of vendors on a yearly basis. Of all these vendors, there are maybe two or three that I can say I honestly LOVE doing business with. TBC Consoles is one of these vendors. TBC Consoles is an outstanding vendor. Great products, great customer support, great company.

John Wen, Senior Application Engineer, Nearfield Systems Inc.
TBC's SmartTrac sit-stand desk made our software demo display look more professional and we look forward to working with them in the future.

April Reneé Bailey, Content & Production Coordinator, KAUST Visualization Laboratory
I have to say, that your forethought of affordance that has gone into the design and the superb adjustable tracking and wood craftsmanship is quite impressive. I am extremely pleased and will look for other solutions for our lab spaces from TBC.

Dan Goodell, Video Production/Classroom Technology Technician, Saginaw Valley State University
Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for the great service and great product. I love both of my desks that I ordered from your company. They have met all of my expectations.

Tom Gaede, President, ErgonomicHome.com
TBC's pricing is excellent and very competitive. I have been to the factory in Edgewood, New York, just outside of New York City, and met with the owners, and the employees. It is clear to me they have a very efficient operation with a highly qualified and dedicated staff.

Michelle Mathewson, Owner - Spazio Design Solutions
Install went smooth and the federal government customer is elated! Your team was extremely professional and I was truly impressed with them and the product. We will be using TBC for future projects.

David Crites, Owner - Glyph Corp
It is great to deal with a company that values customer service as much as fine craftsmanship. The design and build quality are top notch. Great products, and exceptional customer service. What more can you hope for?

Ralph Woods, Deputy Director of Operations - National Public Radio
I want to thank you folks for the excellent job that you all did for us–the consoles look GREAT! I am extremely pleased with all aspects of the order–the design, the workmanship on the consoles, as well as the expeditious and professional job that John and Alberto did to install the consoles. I am thoroughly convinced that my choice of TBC Consoles to design, fabricate, and install the operator’s consoles and turrets in NPR’s new Network Operations Center was the absolutely correct one!

Johan Pretorius, General Manager - Oculus Operational Innovations
Oculus Innovations is a specialised designer and turnkey provider of Operational facilities and Control Rooms, providing customers with a range of leading edge, intelligent and innovative control room solution. The robustness and flexibility of the consoles allows us to apply ControlTrac in Oil & Gas, Power and other industrial areas where we require robust industrial solutions and ‘under the counter’ space for Computer CPU boxes or other equipment. Oculus’ integrated operational facility solutions are enhanced by the use of all of TBC’s products and we are proud to be associated with them.

Karen Ranucci, Construction Project Manager and Board Chair - Democracy Now
We are tremendously happy with our TBC consoles. Their great ergonomics make our work much easier. They look fantastic and have transformed our broadcast facility to the highest professional level. And, best of all, since they are made from all green materials they have contributed to our topping the number of points needed for Platinum-level LEED Certification. Thank you all at TBC consoles for helping us fulfill our dream.

Gerard Sam-Zee-Moi, Head of Video Engineering - Blue Sky Studios/Fox Animation
Blue Sky had some very specific operational requirements that called for a customization of TBC's IntelliTrac and SmartTrac console systems. Working with the TBC Design team really made a huge difference and made this aspect of our project painless. Your team provided the perfect solution for our needs!

Mike Bivona, VP Engineering - MTV Networks
The project was a big success and the consoles were a big part of that...the truth is, you guy's did a great job

Glen Matthews, Lead NOC Analyst - Global IT Operations - Citrix Systems, Inc. - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Your people did a absolutely fantastic job with our implementation! Your guys went above and beyond and did an excellent job without any complaints what-so-ever. Many thanks to the team you sent! They are absolately top notch. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Paul Koopmann, Director of Engineering - Versus / NHL HD
TBC's Trac products delivered amazing technology in an incredibly comfortable and flexible console system.

Zack Arnold, President, Fix it in Post
I absolutely love the console, and if I had the money, I'd buy one for every editor I have. Having the option to both stand and sit is invaluable to me as it's eliminated all of my lower back problems. I simply can't edit without this console.

Geoff Poister, P.h.D - Film and Television Dept., Boston University
TBC Consoles' SmartTrac is exquisetly designed to enhance the efficiency of the production workspace...it is more than a console...it is a customizable work environment that, with the addition of other modules, can grow and change as surly as everthing else in the video/TV production world.

Environmental Responsibility
TBC is committed to reducing our environmental impact through sourcing environmentally sustainable materials that have a low impact on the indoor and outdoor environment. Our corporate environmental responsibility includes a number of internal decisions that collectively reduce our footprint on the planet.

Anatomy of TBC's "Green" Console

TBC Green Materials
TBC Consoles - Recycles
We source our raw materials from components with over 50% recycled content and use select local manufacturers who share our values. Our products are built to last with a modular design that allows for easy to disassemble and re-use. Technical furniture at TBC utilizes a unique “Trac” system, which is specially designed to be upgraded on site including front and rear tracks that allow for unlimited lateral positioning of monitors.

We have worked to remove hazardous and non-sustainable materials and processes through maintaining and analyzing Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDSs) and sourcing products that do not off-gas into the environment.

LEED Green Building Program
TBC’s technical furniture is built with materials that can meet or exceed LEED criteria, which is a voluntary rating system administered by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED applies for commercial buildings, homes, and neighborhoods.


TBC is proud to be a member of the
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to a prosperous
and sustainable future for our nation through
cost-efficient and energy-saving green building.
TBC’s has worked on a number of projects, including LEED platinum buildings, that are seeking to ensure products comply with various
environmental standards. Our projects can add points for "Commercial Interiors", "Existing Buildings" and "New Construction/Major Renovations"
in the following major categories:
  • Construction Waste Management
  • Recycled Content
  • Resource Reuse
  • Local/Regional Material
  • Low-Emitting Materials
  • Innovation & Design (Ergonomics)
To receive more information about the materials we use and compliance with your particular requirements, please contact us.

Operational Sustainability
We are continuously reexamining our recycling conservation and recycling efforts for our products and our office environment.
The following are some of the ways we ensure our products, processes, and facility is more environmentally friendly:
UPS - We proudly offerCarbon Neutral shipments  
  • Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) in the melamine treated particle board. EPP is demonstrably preferable through use of
    recycled/recovered wood fiber and adherence to emission standards lower than government regulations.
  • CARB-compliant, meeting stringent California Formaldehyde Regulations.
  • Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification in finishing with Wilsonart laminate.
  • Sourcing water-based adhesive without Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Nonylphenols or Nonylphenol Ethoxylates.
  • Renewable materials in finishing with Forbo linoleum.
  • Shop reuse and recycling program for metal and acrylic, including scrap materials.
  • Local recycling of cardboard and use of recycled content for our shipping materials.
  • Office recycling program for paper and cans.
  • Reducing plastic trash by using compostable products in our office.
  • Sourcing our materials from local suppliers when possible.
  • Packaging does not use Styrofoam/Polystyrene material.
  • Shipping using wood pallets and blankets which are returned, cleaned, and reused.
  • Availability of Carbon Neutral shipments through UPS.

Social Responsibility
TBC believes that part of environmental sustainability means giving back to the community. TBC contributes to several non-profit organizations, including:
UnicefThe Nature ConservancyUnited Waythirteen- WNET New YorkPBSWNYCNPR
Organizations who are looking for TBC to contribute to their cause financially or with an in-kind donation are encouraged to contact us.


Montclair State University, NJ

TBC has completed installation of technical furniture at Montclair State University, part of a new state of-the-art building for the College of Arts' School of Communications and Media. 

The new building will be equipped with a multi-platform "newsroom of the future," along with 150-seat presentation hall, broadcast studios, integrated media lab, film screening room, and acting and dance studios.  


TBC is once again represented at this year's Summer Olympics.  The international control room features our new IntelliTrac and TracWall systems designed for television and live video streaming.  We are proud of the fact that our modular broadcast consoles are currently in use in Rio de Janeiro and we've provided technical furniture for control rooms at the Olympics since 2001.

Google Logo

TBC and Google Next Studios

TBC has designed LEED GOLD consoles, including SmartTrac production suites and TracWall v2 for Google Next Lab Studios and the new YouTube vendure, Brand Labs.  The New York City production space shares the 6th and 7th floor of the Chelsea Market address.  

TBC's technical furniture meets Google’s stringent “Red List” and preferred material sourcing environmental standards.  Included with the build were several of TBC's new Mac Pro Holders.  

Production Control Consoles

Scientology Logo

TBC specified for Church of Scientology

TBC is proud to be working with Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. (IMT) to supply state of the art technical furniture for the future Global Media Center at the Church of Scientology International (CSI).  The Center, located in Hollywood California, will include 150,000 square feet of production facilities including SmartTrac and IntelliTrac Consoles to house the latest audio and visual broadcast equipment.  

CSI provides overall planning, direction, and general support for the network of Churches, Missions, and groups of the Scientology religion.  Utilizing several recording studios within the Church, CSI also produces Scientology Scripture in written and audiovisual form for worldwide distribution.  

IMT is a consultant and systems integration company delivering products and services that enable clients to achieve their strategic business goals. IMT’s clients include a broad range of companies in the Communications Media & Entertainment, Public, and Healthcare sectors. 


Church of Scientology

technomight logo Broadcast Consoles, QATAR

TBC has recently provided over thirty custom consoles for a NOC and Security Operations Center in Doha.  The consoles feature fifty 1.5 bay fixed height consoles with integrated file pedestals and custom 3DL finish.

Technomight offers cutting edge technologies including automation in audio, lighting, and control systems to Broadcast Infrastruture Solutions.  We are proud to be a provider of technical furniture for this important project.  

ETSU Logo TBC Builds and Installs University's Production Control Room

TBC has just completed work on a new production control room for Eastern Tennessee State University.  The Broadcast Communication Control Room will feature TBC's IntelliTrac Consoles.        

Chevron Logo Global Communication Workstations for Chevron

TBC is proud of it's continued relationship with Chevron and Oculus Innovations throughout the African Region.  After passing Factory Acceptance Testing, these workstations were recently installed in Angola to assist with Chevrons Subsea Global Information Link system that shares information across continents.  

Utilizing SmartTrac linked consoles and multiple monitor frames, TBC was able to provide the exact custom solution the customer was looking for and incorporate all necessary equipment. 
Control Room Console

Customer films SmartTrac Assembly Video

TBC recently received an assembly video that showcases just how easy it is for even one operater to put together our SmartTrac Console at home, in fast motion.  Special thanks to OPU Productions and Sebastian Arseneault in Montreal, Canada for sharing this video with us.  

Viacom Logo Broadcast Furniture at Viacom

TBC recently installed specialized cubicals with plexiglass counters and fabric privacy panels for Viacom Media Network.  Each workstation is equipped with our signature trac and integrated cable management.  
Technical Furniture

August Health Logo Height-Adjustable Furniture provided to hospital facility

We are proud to work with Baker Audio on the completion of several SmartTrac sit-stand consoles for the newly rennovated Augusta Health, formally Augusta Medical Center, in Augusta County, Virginia. 

TBC's Consoles are regularly used in the medical space, providing ergonomic solutions for medical professionals.  

AICPA Logo Technical Furniture for American Institute of CPAs

TBC recently provided specialty control consoles to the American Institute of CPAs in North Carolina.  The console is a custom Linked SmartTrac measuring over eleven feet, built to comfortably accomodate three operators and peripheral equipment.

The video console incorporates swichers, audio boards, speakers, and LCD displays. 
SmartTrac - 4 bay

Port of Miami Logo Technical Furniture for Tunnel Project 

TBC is proud to be working as a subcontractor to Bouygues Civil Works Florida (BCWF) on a complex public-private partnership that will create an underground tunnel connecting the Port of Miami to highways by connecting Watson and Dodge Islands.  BCWF will be using IntelliTrac and SmartTrac control room furniture for this complex transportation project.  More information is available here.     

Bombardier Logo TBC completes transportation consoles for Bombardier in Dubai Contract

TBC is working with Bombardier to outfit the Dubai International Airport with IntelliTrac consoles and TracWall technical furniture, designed for a new transit system at the world's fourth busiest airport.

Also known as an Automated People Mover (APM), the new rail system will connect concourses and terminals and features communication-based train control technology for driverless operation. 
Transport Control Room Consoles

Chevron LogoTBC builds Process Control and Safety Consoles for Chevron Thailand

Chevron Corporation has chosen TBC Consoles to supply Process Control and Safety System Consoles for their Exploration and Production ICSS upgrade project in Bangkok, Thailand.  The customized consoles, specifically designed to accomodate the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry, utilize a modified SmartTrac and SmartCart system with yellow acrylic and room for seven monitors per work station.        

Broadcast Console Expansion of Nine Network National Playout Centre

TBC is proud to be working again with Nine Network.  Nines Playout Centre was previously outfit with TBC's Consoles in 2010.  

Thanks to the adaptability and modularity of TBC's IntelliTrac Consoles, when the client came to TBC looking to upgrade, it was no problem to integrate new consoles and with their existing broadcast furniture. 
Broadcast Furniture

MC Studio

Manhattan Center Studios Broadcast Control Rooms  

TBC is proud to work with Manhattan Center Studios to complete several HD Broadcast Transmission and Master Control Consoles in NYC.

Design features TracWall and IntelliTrac with special equipment turrets built to accomodate all peripheral equipment.    

Miami-Dade County Transport Logo  Miami-Dade County Transport Furniture

TBC is working with Miami-Dade County Transportation Authority to provide state of the art IntelliTrac HD dispatch furniture.  The configuration is specially designed with extra wide 24" bases, custom plexiglass, and adjustable monitor mounts to hold all equipment.   

SMPTE Sydney - TechtelSmartTrac on display at SMPTE, Australia

TBC is working with Techtel, an independant supplier of products to the television, radio and comunications markets of Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to bring SmartTrac technical furniture to the upcoming SMPTE Conference and Exhibition in Sydney, Australia.  

Kaust LogoMulti-Purpose Edit Suite for KAUST, Saudi Arabia 

TBC is providing technical furniture for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.  The multi-purpose edit suite will provide SmartTrac Edit Suite Consoles for KAUST's Visualization Laboratory.        

NAB 2013

The Best Consoles at NAB

TBC had a great reception this year for our technical furniture at NAB Show!  

See you again in April of 2015!

Broadcast and Radio Furniture

TBC Integral to "Golden A" Design Award

TBC is proud to announce that Polimeks Construction, integrator of TBC consoles for the Ashgabat Tele-Radio Center, has been granted the Golden A Design Award in Engineering and Technical Design. Designs are evaluated on the basis of functionality, ergonomics, engineering, presentation, innovation, usability, and use of technology.

Ashgabat Tele-Radio Center is a 211 meter high building located in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.  The TV Center serves as the main hub for radio and television program production, post production and broadcasting in the region. Click here to learn more about the Center and the Award

Broadcast Consoles - Technical Furniture

Broadcast Engineering Excellence

TBC's technical furniture featured in Broadcast Engineering Excellence Awards

Fox News Channel in Washington, D.C. and Comcast's PAC-12 Distribution Center in Centennial, Colorado were just annouced as winners of Penton's Broadcast Engineering 2012 Excellence Awards.  TBC is proud to have been an integral part of both designs with our consoles and monitor walls specially designed for the space.  Congratulations to the design teams at Comcast, Fox, and CEI and all others that were involved! 

For a full listing of Excellence Award Winners, click here.

Broadcast Furniture

CLH Dispatch LogoTBC and RPG supply consoles for CLH Dispatch Center

TBC and RPG Informatica of Spain are working togehter to supply consoles for CLH Group, which is the leading company on the Spanish market for the transportation and storage of oil products.  CLH’s has elaborate transport and storage networks that requires ergonomically correct technical furniture and a state of the art dispatch center.  

UnivisionUnivision Planning Converged News Facility 

TBC consoles was contracted to provide all the technical furniture for Univision's converged network news facilities, including production control, audio control, video, lighting, and communications rooms.  Univision, the third most watched network in the United States, will be expanding their network and regional news operations and develop a new English-language Hispanic news network.  The network recently had higher ratings than all traditional networks.

CiscoTBC consoles in Cisco Network Security Center

Cisco Systems - multinational designer, manufacturer, and distributor of networking equipment - recently worked with TBC to outfit their Network Security Center with a suite of custom SmartTrac consoles.  Important to the design are special Trac-Mounted Aluminum Panels with sound absorptive CPU cabinets and attached cable raceway.

Oi Telecommunications

TBC supplies consoles with Phase Engineering to Oi in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

TBC has recently completed a 16-monitor custom TracWall and 16-bay IntelliTrac system with accessories for Phase Engineering in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The technical furniture and equipment will be installed at the largest telecommunications company in Brazil and the second largest in Latin America, Oi to control and monitor IPTV operations, as well as cable and DTH operations. 

TBC technical furniture

CCW Logo

TBC would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at CCW

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, this year's Content and Communication World went on without a hitch.  We enjoyed meeting some of our long-time clients, as well as seeing some new faces and introducing everyone to our latest consoles.  We look forward to seeing everyone again at CCW 2013.

MTV NetworksMTV's Production Control Room for MTV Studios in NYC

TRL (Total Request Live) originates out of this room on a daily basis along with special shows such as MTV's New Years Eve.

The TBC designed monitor wall was composed of both CRTs (32" SONY HD monitors for critical viewing) and LCD displays. Utilizing TBC's TracWall System a free standing, open frame structure was created allowing complete adjustability for perfect viewing angles.

The TD Console (front) and Producer Console (rear) are both IntelliTrac Consoles. Near field LCD monitors are mounted on articulating arms to our rear Trac while components such as task lights and phone modules are mounted to front Trac. Countertops are fabricated in sanded Blue Acrylic

Fox Edit Console

FOX Sports Master Control Facility

TBC's IntelliTrac console system was the exclusive console solution for FOX's new FSN Master Control facility in Houston Texas. This facility originates all Fox Sports Net programs for distribution to cable systems throughout the United States, including 14 Regional Sports Networks, 2 National Sports Networks and International Sports Network. A total of 78 consoles were provided by TBC. 

TBC supplies consoles to Nine-Network, Australia's new Media Exchange Gateway.  

TBC is recognized for excellence by our Australian clients:   "When the time came to design our new Media Exchange Gateway, we just couldn’t find a locally made product that came close to the IntelliTrac. The product combines superior form with great function, so it made sense to ship two consoles and TracWall units to Sydney and assemble them ourselves. The whole process was effortless from start to finish and the end result has exceeded all expectations. Thanks to Jerry, Steve and the TBC crew!”  - Jen Cooke, Nine Network Australia

Democracy Now!TBC manufactures and installs LEED consoles for Democracy Now!

TBC has recently installed control room and audio consoles for Democracy Now! in New York City.  By specifying GREENGUARD® certified laminates and FSC certified, no emission composite boards in the manufacture of the wood surfaces, we were able to help our client achieve their LEED Platinum goals. TBC would like to thank Diversified Systems for their assistance to make this project possible. 


Louisiana CAT Logo
TBC designs, manufacturs, and installs consoles for LA CAT

TBC worked closely with the engineering department at Louisiana Machinery Co., Inc., statewide dealer for Caterpillar equipment in Louisiana, to outfit their corporate headquarters with special custom  SmartTrac Consoles with yellow plexiglass to meet the needs of their control room.

Louisiana CAT CR

CUNYTBC building consoles for CUNY

TBC is working on a major installation to outfit the City University of New York's Master Control Room, Audio Control Room, and Monitor Wall with custom-built TracWall and IntelliTrac consoles.  This substantial project will help CUNY to better serve its 540,000 students at its 24 institution throughout NYC.

TauTona Mine

Consoles in TauTona Mine

TBC's is providing consoles for use in the deepest mine in the world. TauTona mine, built near the town of Carletonville, West of Johannesberg, reaches 2.4 miles (3.9 km) underground.  TBC is proud to work with its partner for distribution throughout Africa in this endeavor, Oculus Operational Innovations

TauTona Mine

London 2012
TBC once again provides consoles for NBC's coverage of the Olympic Games
Since the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, TBC has been NBC's sole provider of technical furniture for the Olympic Games. Chosen for their robust construction, adaptability and ergonomics, our original modular console systems have endured through time and are shipped all over the world. From Salt Lake City, Athens, Turin, Bejing, Vancouver, and now London, TBC has stood the test of time and keeps up with technology as it evolves.

TBC Providing Consoles for Axtel
Collaborative effort with Phase Engineering of Brazil and Ericsson of Mexico to provide control center solution for telecommunications giant in Axtel.

The Operation Center features an IntelliTrac operator console and a modular Monitor Wall outfit for future expansion. This project demanded the combined efforts of expert Project Managers from TBC, Axtel, and Ericsson to coordinate architectural aspects of the installation, including seismic bracing.
Axtel project

Oculus Operational Innovations Oculus
TBC Consoles and Oculus Operational Innovations
TBC partners with Oculus Operational Innovations to provide Process Control console solutions in Africa. Oculus, based in South Africa, is the leading provider for Control Center Solutions throughout the African region.

Oculus designs specialized control rooms which will be outfit with TBC’s consoles.  Already, the collaboration has produced sales to major corporations who need sophisticated work centers including Chevron, Honeywell, Sasol, Exxaro, and the Medupi Power Station in South Africa.

To find out more about Oculus’ control center solutions, visit www.oculusinnovations.co.za


TBC selected to provide all consoles for TV tower in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Policom Corp of Istanbul, Turkey hires TBC to provide technical furniture for 6 television stations in Turkmenistan. TBC recently supplied and installed consoles in the thirteen television studios, seven MCR rooms, eighty edit rooms, and twelve graphics rooms located within Ashgabat Tower, a building on the Guinness Book of World Records for the star in its architecture.
TV Tower

The tower also contains six radio station with a revolving restaurant on top. Polimeks Construction was hired to work on the Tower and its technology division, Policom, integrated the technology necessary to operate the television & radio stations. Policom hired TBC Consoles to make sure that the consoles would be ready in time to the exact specifications and quality that the project demanded.

TBC is proud to have been a part of this historic project and looks forward to a continued presence throughout region. For more information about our international presence, click here.

United Nations Building NYC TBC provides consoles to United Nation building in New York City
TBC updating UN broadcast production facility with all new consoles. The U.N. is in the process of updating their outdated broadcast facility with the latest technology. Recognizing that TBC will provide the quality that they need, the U.N. project will be outfit with an entirely new H.D.T.V. Production Control Room, a Video Control Room, Audio Control, Media Operations, Video Conference Center, and Master Control Center.

Google Logo

TBC and Google / Youtube

TBC has designed provided LEED GOLD consoles, including a 36-monitor TracWall, to CBT Systems for a new YouTube production facility in Playa Vista, California. The seven-studio complex has a Production Control Room, ten Control/Edit Rooms and two large Audio Production Control Rooms.

TBC met all of the rigid environmental standards to assist the buildings become LEED Gold certified, as well as compliance with Google’s own “Red List” and preferred material sourcing standards.  The CBT integration team did an excellent job installing and coordinating this project with TBC's project management team.

TBC is currently working on the Google/YouTube advanced media production studio in Tokyo, Japan...

Google Monitor Wall

SmartTrac Holiday

Everyone at TBC is wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a prosperous, healthy New Year!  

Photo courtesy of RPG Informatica, S.A.

TBC is closed December 22, 2014 - December 26, 2014 


MediaTech Logo

TBC and Oculus Innovations would like to thank everyone who joined us at Mediatech in South Africa to see the latest broadcast furniture from TBC Consoles and learn about the integration services provided by Oculus Innovations.  We had a great show and look forward to seeing you at Mediatech 2017!  

Oculus Booth

Sportscasting Conference & Expo StudioTech Displaying TBC Consoles in Melbourne

TBC's strategic partner in Australia, Studiotech Australia, is participating in the upcoming Sportscasting Conference & Expo.  On display will be SmartTrac and TracWall Consoles, as well as information about all of our products and accessories. Click here to find out more.
Etihad Stadium

NAB 2018

TBC at NABTBC Consoles at NAB ShowTBC Consoles at NAB ShowNAB Show Technical FurnitureTBC at NABTBC at NABTBC at NAB

NAB 2017

TBC Consoles at NAB ShowTBC Consoles at NAB ShowNAB Show Technical FurnitureTBC at NABTBC at NABTBC at NABTBC at NAB

NAB 2016

TBC Consoles at NAB ShowTBC Consoles at NAB ShowNAB Show Technical FurnitureTBC at NABTBC at NABTBC at NABTBC at NAB