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Broadcast Control Rooms, Industrial Process Control Room, Command and Control Rooms, Security Furniture, Mission Critical and Dispatch Consoles, Production Control and Editor Consoles, Medical Consoles and Radiology Furniture
Industries using TBC’s technical furniture

Reflecting the versatile and adaptable features of our products, and our staff’s expertise in design and ergonomics, TBC’s products have found their way into a variety of industries.  Our technical furniture systems can be customized to fit each unique situation.  From a single user who wants a sit-stand desk, to a full master control suite for video production, to an integrated control and safety system, TBC’s technical furniture can be adapted to nearly any application. The following is not an exclusive list.

Contact TBC to let us design a solution for your industry.

Broadcast Furniture


TV Broadcast and Production

TBC’s extensive range of products, design and project management services are without parallel in the TV Broadcast industry.  Our company is regularly featured in Broadcast Engineering's yearly Excellence Awards.

We provide consoles, monitor walls and equipment cabinetry for Production Control, Master Control, Audio Control, Ingest, Transmission and all other Broadcast applications.

TBC's technical furniture sets the standard for well-designed, ergonomic, quality components that with high aesthetics for any budget.

Post-Production and Graphics
For editing and graphics applications, TBC’s primary offering is the modular SmartTrac technical furniture product line.  This is a highly adaptable modular system of quality components that can be configured for any application and is offered in fixed height, standing, and height adjustable models.

An example of our standard SmartTrac, IntelliTrac, and SmartCart technical furniture is seen in the image to the left.  These are highly customizable to the user's needs.  For some inspiration, we encourage you to review our gallery images.
Command Center Furniture

Command and Control

The Control Room/Control Centre is an integral part of any company.  Applications include network operation centers (NOCs), telecommunication, traffic control, and more.

TBC staff typically recommends our IntelliTrac solution for this application due to its robust core for storage, adaptability, modularity, and aesthetics.  Height-adjustable SmartTrac can often be used for supervisor consoles or areas that require rear monitor mounts, with optional SmartCarts that integrate perfectly with the desktop.

Dispatch Furniture

Dispatch and Mission Critical

TBC supplies consoles and other technical furniture to a wide variety of mission-critical applications including 911 Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs), and operations that reply on constant 24/7 functionality of their workstations.

We typically recommend our SmartTrac solution for this application, which can be customized to provide a one-of-a-kind solutions to meet each customer’s needs.

Industrial Process Control Consoles

Industrial Process Control

Industrial Process Control Rooms include mines, chemical plants, power plants, water treatment plants, distributed control  system (DCS) consoles, LNG terminals, and more.

These industries, which typically require full height adjustability with multiple monitors, and CPU storage under the console should consider our ControlTrac solution.

TBC’sTracWall creates the perfect custom solution for free standing monitor walls.

PACs workstation


TBC’s MediTrac line is built for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other medical offices.  They are robust enough to mount PACs monitors, height adjustable, can be include special anti-microbial finish, and can be provided at an unbeatable price.

Seamless integration with our other accessories, including side tables and mobile SmartCarts make this an excellent solution for any health care professional.  TBC also provide carts, wall stations, and other accessories specifically for the medical field.

Transportation Furniture


TBC's IntelliTrac and ControlTrac LT products have been used with great success in the Transportation and Traffic Control Industry, including airports, public transport, traffic management, and other mission-critical applications. TBC's products are built with ergonomics, durability and modularity in mind and can be adapted for any control room.  Ask us about your specific requirements and let us design a solution for you.

Power Plant Control Room Furniture


From the Oil & Gas Industry (LNG Terminals) to Distributed Control Systems (DCS) to a variety of Power Plant Control Rooms, TBC's technical furniture are favored by the Utilities industry because of its modularity, flexibility, and durability.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions to meet any technological need using a wide-variety of technical furniture options and accessories at our disposal.

Security Consoles

Security and Defense

TBC has designed sophisticated furniture specifically for the security industry.  Our consoles are designed with military and security requirements in mind with a modular design that can accommodate correct BIFMA/ISO 9000 compliant work space ergonomics.  Typically, we recommend ControlTrac LT for this application to be used in conjunction with our TracWall monitor wall system to maximize surveillance capabilities while allowing for storage under the countertop.

We make sure that the customer is 100% happy with the layout and drawing of our technical furniture before it is installed.

MADE in the USA
TBC's products are all manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.