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Every year TBC tests and evaluates the latest accessory products to ensure that we provide our clients with the best function, value and dependability. 
Contact one of our project managers for pricing and to find the perfect product for your needs.

LCD Monitor Arms
Monitor Arms and Mounts
Selecting the right monitor arm and monitor mount for your technical furniture is extremely important to ensure optimal ergonomics while allowing for full functionality. Along with other differences, monitor size and reach are important factors to consider. Click on the TBC product data sheets below to learn more about our standard options. All options shown here are thoroughly tested by our quality assurance team. Custom options are available.
FP-7500 Data Sheet

pdf file – 362.5kb
FP-7500-WD Data Sheet

pdf file – 276kb
FP-9222 Data Sheet

pdf file – 392kb
FP-3500 Data Sheet

pdf file – 343.5kb
FP-9226 Data Sheet

pdf file – 168kb
FP-9222 26-38 Spec Sheet
FP-9222 26-38

pdf file – 211.8kb
SM-C Spec Sheet

pdf file – 319kb
T-PHONE-A Spec Sheet

pdf file – 209kb
AM175 Spec Sheet

pdf file – 295.5kb
AM80 Spec Sheet

pdf file – 279kb
AM50 Spec Sheet

pdf file – 221kb
AM50 Spec Sheet

pdf file – 555kb

Tablet Arms

Tablet and Laptop Arms

TBC can provide articulating arms for any tablet device or laptop. The FP-iLift, which is specifically configured for the iPad, iPad 2, or the new iPad with Retina display. The FP-TBLK provides flexible mounting for any tablet using a magnate and an optional adapter kit that allow mounting of the arm onto the Vesa adapter for placement above, below, or to the side of monitors. Alternative mounting options for laptops and other tablet devices are available.
FP-iLift Spec Sheet

pdf file – 190kb
FP-LAPTOP Spec Sheet

pdf file – 239kb
FP-Tablet Arm Spec Sheet

pdf file – 216kb
Microphone Arms

Microphone Arms and Adapters

TBC has tested a number of microphone arms and made special adapters so that each of them can interface seamlessly with the rear trac on our consoles. Of these, our team preferred the Yellowtec mic arms for their superior construction and versatility. We offer these arms in three sizes and in a black or silver finish. Custom mounts are also available for other mic arms.
FP-Tablet Arm Spec Sheet
YellowTec Mic Arms

pdf file – 388kb
CPU Holders
Device Holders and Equipment Shelves
CPU holders are specially designed to work with our technical furniture and nearly any computer. The ST-CPU and ST-CPU-N are adjustable width supports for CPUs that can be mounted on either leg on our SmartTrac Consoles. The IT-PO-SHELF is a pull-out shelf specially designed for our IntelliTrac and ControlTrac Consoles which have CPUs located in the base of the consoles. The FP-MPRO is a highly adaptable mount for Apple's new MacPro line and can be affixed onto a rear track, below the desktop, on a cradle or onto our monitor frame system. Other options for CPU storage, such as under countertop hanging units and CPU cabinets are available as custom solutions for your project.
FP-MPRO Data Sheet

pdf file – 211kb
FP-MPRO-TM Data Sheet

pdf file – 730kb
IT-PO-SHELF Holder Specs

pdf file – 394.7kb
ST-CPU Data Sheet

pdf file – 399kb
ST-CPU-N Data Sheet

pdf file – 262kb
ST-IR-S Holder Specs

pdf file – 304kb
IT-PO-SHELF Holder Specs

pdf file – 222kb
IT-PO-SHELF Holder Specs

pdf file – 323.7kb
Cup Holder

Cup Holder

Our retractable cup holders are specially engineered by TBC from high quality steel components. They are available in silver powder coat finish and feature a low profile design with a bottom strap for support. The cup holder will not encroach on under-counter leg space.

AC-Cup Holder Specs
Cup Holder

pdf file – 230kb
Cup Holder

Keyboard Pull-out Tray

Keyboard pull-out trays offer a great way to get the keyboard off the desk and optimal ergonomics with an adjustable shelf-angle. The keyboard pull-out tray comes with special cable-management fixtures, a mouse pad, and the gel palm rest. This accessory is used predominantly in our SmartTrac series consoles.

Keyboard Pull=out Tray
Keyboard Pull-out Tray

pdf file – 136kb
Task Lights

Task Lights

The IT-LT and TL-ASTRA both provide excellent LED lighting and dimming with a wide range of vertical and lateral motion, they are available with either a desk base or Trac-mounted. IT-LT is available in also available with a standard halogen bulb. Other trac-mounted lighting options are available upon request.

TL-ASTRA Spec Sheet

pdf file – 203.4kb
IT-LT Spec Sheet

pdf file – 195kb
IT-LT Spec Sheet

pdf file – 312kb
Turrets and Dropwells

Turrets and Dropwells

Turrets and dropwells are just some of the accessories that can be placed in Console rack openings. Each are customized to the size of your equipment, built with either aluminum or HDPE depending on the size and type. Rack turrets are engineered with front rack rail to comfortably house rack-mounted equipment. TBC also manufactures free-standing turrets which raise equipment off any flat surface. The spec sheets below show standard sizes but enclosures are available for any size opening. Minimum order quantities may apply for custom turrets. Rack rail options should be selected by completing our rack rail specification sheet.

AC-RT4F Sheet

pdf file – 160kb
ST-RT4 Sheet

pdf file – 185.8kb
Drop Well Spec Sheet
Drop Well Spec Sheet

pdf file – 255kb
ST-RT-2B Spec Sheet
ST-RT-2B Sheet

pdf file – 221kb
File Pedestals

File Pedestals

Our standard file pedestal utilizes high quality steel components with a color match to our Trac-Series product line. The pedestal fits under our SmartTrac desk and can also be used in place of a SmartCart with built-in drawers.  Available in multiple configurations with lock included.
File Pedestal Specs
File Pedestals

pdf file – 392kb
Power Strips and Power/Data Modules

Power Strips and Power/Data Modules

We have a variety of methods for integrating a power/data supply into technical furniture. Power strips can be rack mounted into special cable and power management compartments located within our consoles, workstations, and carts. The thin power strips are designed to take up minimal space with a unique design that allows for isolated ground configurability. Dual circuit models can be field configured to operate as a single circuit and include surge protection with LEDs for status indication.

Power/data modules are recessed beneath the console surface for a clean unobtrusive look. The thin hinged lid cover can lift up and stays propped open to access the unit and can remain open or closed while in use. Available in multiple configurations.

pdf file – 255kb

pdf file – 201kb

pdf file – 333.6kb

pdf file – 288.5kb

pdf file – 322kb

pdf file – 239kb

pdf file – 297kb

pdf file – 338kb

pdf file – 547.5kb

Seating - Freedom Chair, Liberty Chair, Muvman Stool

TBCs offer two basic types of seating, thoroughly tested by our team. The first is the Freedom Task Chair, designed with constant support and a pivoting backrest that automatically adjusts to the user's needs based on the sitter's body weight to provide optional recline support and padded arm rests. The freedom chair features an articulating height adjustable headrest to support the head and neck as users recline, as well as other adjustments that can easily be made while the user is seated. The second is the liberty task chair with is a mesh task chair that also provides automatic lumbar support but no headrest.

All chairs are available in a number of finishes, colors, and material types. Please inquire directly for 24/7 chair options.

Freedom Chair Data Sheet
Freedom Chair

pdf file – 486.1kb
Freedom Chair Data Sheet
Liberty Chair

pdf file – 706kb